A Cleaning Partner that’s Different

You’re going to want to work with us not only because of what we can do for you, but also because of how and why we do it.

Unlike a franchise business which sells turn-key mini-versions of itself, The Clean as Can Bee Group provides guidance, training and assistance and a pool of resources to its licensed affiliates whom operate their own businesses without the hindrance of hefty franchise fees. When scaling-up for a new client, these affiliates are often utilised to fill the gaps until the recruitment process can catch up.

As an affiliate, this ‘qualified’ work can help generate significant income without the risk of exploitation.

As a client, you know that you’re being cared for by a member of an extended ‘family’ or group of kind-minded professionals that have your COMPLETE SATISFACTION as their first priority… instead of under-paid and under-motivated sub-contractors.

To have your cleaning needs understood and taken care of in the most cost effective and sustainable manner, call me on 0452 036 615.