“Having had a many-year business relationship with a franchise operator for a major cleaning franchise, I had invested in this relationship significantly and yet was not getting what I felt I was paying for.

Paul and the team initially came on-board to ‘augment’ the services that our cleaners were providing, and it quickly became obvious that the Clean as Can Bee team were operating at a much higher level. Understanding that relationships matter to our business and that I preferred try to work within that relationship rather than to jump to another service provider Paul and the team continued to help from the sidelines and even provided the other cleaners training to help them service our specific business needs.

Unfortunately, the changes that our business required just weren’t sticking, and our cleaning contractors’ attendance had become an issue. After over 2 years of trying to salvage the relationship we decided to terminate it to go with Clean as Can Bee.

Not only has the Clean as Can Bee Team had perfect availability and attendance, they were able to take the lead on our cleaning and helped our store to once again rate in the 90s on cleanliness in our head-office reviews.” – Rod C. Franchise Owner