The Clean as Can Bee Group Recruitment and Growth Program

Are you interested in owning your own business but don’t know where to start, or are you just looking for some regular, consistently above-average income from employment?
(Casual or part-time)

The Clean as Can Bee Group...

… is a group of businesses that teach the principles of giving in order to get. We are looking for motivated people that share similar values, who are prepared to think outside the box for better employment and business opportunities.’

Paying above award wages, an extra 5% in your Super we offer to not judge you by your talents and abilities but by your attitude and enthusiasm. Working with Clean as Can Bee will provide you with an above-average income and an opportunity to ‘partner’ in our success through a bonus/ profit share program.

The Clean as Can Bee Group also teaches and trains each person to ‘partner’ with their clients and help them understand how to build a business according to proven principles so that a cleaner can (if they want) build their own business within our proven system. Clean as Can Bee properly employs its staff, by giving full statutory benefits; and actually pays 5% more superannuation plus bonuses. For the right person(s) this means you get to set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want, and at $30.00 per hour (standard rate) you will be paid more than the national average wage.

In some cases, you may already have a client base and are looking for the ability to get to the next level; we will partner with you to turn that into a meaningful business that you might eventually sell or simply draw a passive income from.

The Clean as Can Bee Group...

… provides systems and training so that even if you have limited formal cleaning and/or management experience you too can have great employment or a successful business.

Because of a unique proprietary tiered business structure and economies of scale, The Clean as Can Bee Group businesses are able to share important resources such as expensive specialized equipment, management accounting, and marketing services, group insurance and work cover, etc; this means that there is more profit to be shared with you.

With a proven track record of over 8 years in the business and a unique network of loyal and dedicated affiliates, The Clean as Can Bee Group is set to become the dominant cleaning business in its market segment. We have a number of clients waiting patiently for our services however we need the right people to work with, to service these new clients.

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 Phone: 0404 258 785