What lurks unseen on carpets and floors?

– Deep-clean to remove trodden-in dirt
– Enjoy a healthy environment
– Maintain the longevity of your floor coverings

Don’t settle for ‘good enough’ when you can choose excellence

The 6 Steps to clean as can bee carpets:

1. Thorough commercial vacuum to remove dry dirt.
2. We’ll move your furniture and make sure its protected.
3. Tough stains or odours will be pre-sprayed, spot cleaned and loosened for the deep clean.
4. Steam clean extracts ingrained dirt without making it too wet.
5. We’ll restore the pH balance with neutraliser.
6. Any remained marks will be tackled with extra treatment.

Are you carpets ready for a good clean?

Professional carpet cleaning methods

Vacuuming gets the surface dirt, but it’s the unseen critters deep in the fibres of your carpet that are a worry. Especially when the carpets have not been cleaned for two or three years.
Carpets are possibly the most overlooked part of a clean home or office, especially when the colour hides the dirt. That can change today.

Specialist vinyl flooring cleans

While dirt on vinyl floors is easier to spot, it can be harder to remove?. If the floor seal has deteriorated, scuffs and stains can be more resistant to regular cleaning methods.
But don’t let those little frustrations stop you getting on with what you need to do. Call us—we know just how to revive a vinyl floor.

The 4 steps to clean as can bee floors?

1. Thorough vacuum to remove dry dirt without scratching the surface.

2. Strip the floor sealant.

3. Recoat with fresh sealant for ongoing protection.

4. Buff scuff marks with microfibre cloth.

With good-as-new floor protections you can expect your floor to have an easy-clean surface well into the future. Ongoing
buffing will make it last even longer.

Do your vinyl floors need new life?

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