Too Hard Getting a Reliable, Hospital-Grade Cleaner?

COVID Safe – we’ll do the extra disinfection steps.
Thorough cleans – we apply RACGP standards to our process.
– We’ll turn up every time – members of the Cleaners     Accountability Framework.

Smart health services pay for quality cleaners

Your health service is being judged by the people who walk through your doors. They are probably already feeling vulnerable and want assurance that they’re safe from catching any unwanted extras. How clean the rooms look and feel can mean the difference between them returning or not.

We understand that. Especially with COVID.

For clinical treatment areas we’ll go beyond just cleaning—we’ll sanitise and disinfect surfaces. Using (heat treatment) and (recommended germicides/ disinfectants), we ensure that visible matter, as well as the invisible microorganisms, lurking
on surfaces, are washed away.

You, your co-workers and your patients deserve to work in an environment that is safe from cross-contamination.

Quality assurance

To safeguard the cleanliness of your clinic, we audit our processes from first contact onwards. Regular reviews ensure our work ethic does not flag, and our high standards are maintained. Audits include the following feedback opportunities:

– The initial meeting.
– Induction of the cleaner to your workplace.
– Monthly or bi-monthly

People who love our services include

– Medical Centres.

– Dental Clinics.

– Physiotherapy Practices.

– Counselling Centres.

– Hospitals.

Keen To Try Us Out?

3 quick and easy steps to start your trial.

1.  You don’t need to cancel your existing arrangement at this point – simply ask your current cleaners to take a holiday while you audit your cleaning arrangement.

2. Give us 2-4 weeks to clean for you and prove just how different we are, at no extra cost to you. We’ll evaluate the duties and time needed to maintain a professional standard of cleaning.

3. After the trial we’ll present you with performance measures for the ongoing cleanliness of your business. You will then know what you should expect from your cleaners and can now make an informed choice.

Save time by letting us make the difference... Starting Today!

Contact Info

 Phone: 0404 258 785