NDIS & Ageism

At The Clean as Can Bee Group we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to work, earn a living, and be rewarded for their efforts no matter their age or level of ability.

Let me tell you a story:

During the COVID Jobkeeper and Seeker programs, it was hard to get people interested in working in our industry, so we approached an NDIS recruitment company, they were very keen to work with us, they offered a number of candidates and thru our recruitment process, we selected a young man (maybe not so young 32) he was very keen as he had not had a job for quite some time and his enthusiasm won us over. As agreed we started the training process.

Cleaning and bond clean was not really his forte, yard care a similar result, still we persisted, what about car care? Well, the amazing change that happens when you find your niche. Almost overnight he transformed from a guy with not much of a future to a man we can build a business together with. He rewards us every day with his happy-go-lucky attitude and he teaches us that we oftentimes just need to chill. Now he is in the process of learning the art of running his own business and the obvious rewards that this offers.

The Clean as Can Bee Group is committed to helping more people like him achieve financial freedom by having their own businesses. We also believe that you are never too old to start over. Ability or lack there of and Ageism are not an excuse, if you are willing then so are we.

The Clean as Can Bee Group recently invited a nearly 60-year-old to join the business as a partner because we could see the obvious benefits of experience. As a result of this partnership, the business has doubled in size in 18 months. So if you are keen to build something of the life you have then so are we. We promise we will not judge you on your age or ability as desire and enthusiasm are far more important.

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