The Clean as Can Bee Process

Our focus will always be on maximizing your benefit while minimizing your costs. If you believe you have a good handle on what you need, then we’re quite happy to work with these requirements to devise a solution that will best suit these needs. But if not…


Often, an organization will provide a list of requirements that it may or may not fully understand itself. Clean as Can Bee’s consultative approach will identify these shortfalls and help the organization to fully understand its own needs.

“It’s no use quoting for a service that doesn’t meet the organisation’s needs”.


Careful analysis of the organization’s stated cleaning requirements and current cleaning practices can identify opportunities for improvements in cost-effectiveness and service delivery over and above the benefits being sought.

Service Delivery

Whether your organization is looking to further ‘in-source’ its cleaning or to divest its non-core cleaning services, Clean as Can Bee can help you build your capabilities and hire the right people, or provide an end-to-end cleaning services delivery to not only suit your current organizational needs but also for many years to come.

Relationship building

We’re all about partnering with our customers to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships. And, this can only be done by proper investigation and analysis and recommending the appropriate course of action aligned with your organization’s strategic and operational objectives, whether it benefits Clean as Can Bee or not.


It is our honesty and transparency that sets us apart from all others. At the end of the day, our customers also choose to work with us because they understand why we do what we do, and what we get from the relationship.


A productive and honest review process is essential to building and maintaining healthy long-term relationships and is actually meant to trigger a new round of investigation and analysis with a view to fine-tuning the services offering and identifying further efficiencies and cost-savings.

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