We do EVERYthing Clean

About Us

What we do…
Let’s just say we do things different!!

We don’t think cleaning is a dirty word, we don’t see this industry as second rate in fact to be able to offer a service where by every one benefits is so very rewarding.

To walk away from a job when you know the place sparkles, the lawns are neat, the practice is COVID safe, the car is clean and the business reflects the image of the company, there is nothing more rewarding. Nothing.

Our Services

Today The Clean as Can Bee Group operates within eight vertical markets across the greater Brisbane area. If you’d like more information on our process or success in our individual vertical markets we’d love to share our insights.


The last cleaning business you’ll ever need to contact.


The kind of clean you’d do if you had the time.


Smart health service providers need the highest quality cleaners.


When your assets are on the line.


When ‘good enough’ just won’t cut it.


For those unwanted and often unseen visitors.


Clean, green and tidy.


Have that lasting new car look and smell.

Customers reviews


In all the years I’ve worked for Dan Murphy’s, you’re the best cleaners we’ve had.
Store Manager - Dan Murphy’s
Kippa Ring QLD
It is evident that Clean as Can Bee pride themselves on their work ethic, dedication and honesty.
Impact Office Supplies
Virginia QLD
I have been able to relax my micro-management style, as the CaCB team has assumed responsibility for me. It is an absolute pleasure to arrive in the morning to a Clean as Can Bee clinic.
Practice manager
for a North-side Medical practice
You’re bloody brilliant!
McDonald’s Restaurant owner
client of 6 years

Contact Info

 Phone: 0404 258 785

  Email: info@cleanascanbee.com.au