About The Clean as
Can Bee Group

We Clean corners, We DON’T cut them


Since 2003

When husband-and-wife team Paul and Johanne Larose set up a business as cleaners in 2003, they enjoyed working flexible hours, meeting interesting people, and earning good money for their efforts.

They had no idea how their journey would grow.

It started simply. Paul and Johanne believe that everyone deserves to work, live and play in a clean and healthy environment. Putting this belief to work through high-quality cleaning, it caught on. They gained a trustworthy reputation with real estate exit cleans, and the business expanded to residential and commercial cleans.

Our Values

We are a progressive forward-thinking cleaning company. Our mission is to “Teach the world that cleaning is NOT a dirty word”

We will offer excellent service, fair pricing, and provide above award wages to those who join us.

We will teach our team how to grow, build and run a successful business.

We are an employer of choice because we value our team, we respect the work God has given us and we desire to provide a better cleaning service than what our clients expect.

We believe that everyone deserves to work and live in a clean and healthy environment.

We are building a legacy for our families and our employee’s families.

Our business supports many worthy charities and organizations that help those less fortunate than we are.

We have fun, enjoy the journey and appreciate each other.

the Team

The business was never only about creating a family legacy—it was about giving back to the community. As Paul and Johanne’s venture flourished, others were invited in. With team expansion, Paul saw the potential for even more.

Paul’s background as a qualified business coach meant he could identify opportunities to invest in people and see them grow. An engineer by trade, he set about re-engineering the systems and processes of the business.

He wanted to enable team members to become affiliates and profit-share owners by establishing their own cleaning businesses under The Clean as Can Bee Group banner.

the Industry

It’s been a learning curve, but The Clean as Can Bee Group now has a proven track record of equipping our cleaners to build and maintain successful businesses.

We push back on the cleaning industry’s current low standards of poor pay, high staff turnover, and minimal career opportunities.

Instead, by empowering our cleaners to value their contribution and to grow their skills into business opportunities, we are showing Brisbane that cleaning is not a dirty word.

Contact Info

 Phone: 0404 258 785

  Email: info@cleanascanbee.com.au