No more wasting time worrying about cleaners

You and your co-workers deserve to work in a clean and healthy environment. That doesn’t happen when your cleaner becomes complacent, doing only half the job in the given time. Sadly, that kind of abuse of the commercial cleaning sector is common, because of limited industry regulation for cleaning services.

We're not just another cleaning service

With The Clean as Can Bee Group:

Youre assured of a thorough workplace clean, because our cleaners value the service they provide. Our staff are encouraged to be entrepreneurial—to take pride in their work as part of their career journey. 

-You won’t see high staff turnover because fair pay means our staff are keen to stay.

Whether you need a one-off clean, daily cleans or something in between, we’ll listen carefully before offering advice and pricing, to ensure we provide something you can be 100% sure will suit your business.

Finding it Hard to Get a Good Commercial Cleaner in Brisbane?

No chasing – we’ll keep checking in.
COVID compliant – we’ll do the extra steps.
Flexible scheduling – to suit your business.

Keen To Try Us Out?

3 quick and easy steps to start your trial.

1.  You don’t need to cancel your existing arrangement at this point – simply ask your current cleaners to take a holiday while you audit your cleaning arrangement.

2. Give us 2-4 weeks to clean for you and prove just how different we are, at no extra cost to you. We’ll evaluate the duties and time needed to maintain a professional standard of cleaning.

3. After the trial we’ll present you with performance measures for the ongoing cleanliness of your business. You will then know what you should expect from your cleaners and can now make an informed choice.

End your cleaner frustrations in a risk-free transition... Starting Today!

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 Phone: 0404 258 785