When you want a clean home—but can’t find the time

Customised packages (or one-offs) to suit your schedule
Reliable cleaners who love their jobs—we haven’t missed a clean in 8 years
– Thorough cleaning, including the hidden dirt

Let’s be honest about home cleaning

Home is your sanctuary. After a hard day, it’s the place where you can kick your feet up and just be yourself.
Keeping your home clean, especially when there are children and pets involved, is a relentless task.
Usually there’s something else you’d rather be doing.
The Clean as Can Bee Group believes you deserve to live, work and play in a clean and healthy environment, so we’re here
to make that easier for you. Our humble beginnings started in home cleaning services, and our reputation for excellence is
why we’ve grown.

Here’s why our cleaners are more than what you might expect:

– Our staff are trained to be entrepreneurial, with a view to owning their own cleaning business. It’s our way of giving back to the community.
– That’s why our cleaners value their work.
– Fair pay means our staff are keen to stay. We’re pushing back against the low standards of the cleaning industry.
– Over the 8 years we’ve been going, our cleaners have built lifelong friendships with some of our customers.

What you’ll notice about our cleaners

-There’s no substitute for an honest, reliable cleaner.
-Those are the people that we hunt for.
-That way you can relax, knowing they’ll always turn up and your home will be thoroughly cleaned and respected.

Home cleaning services provided

-Linen changing
-Kitchen and bathroom deep cleans
-Fridge and oven cleaning
-Laundry and ironing
-Window cleaning

Keen To Try Us Out?

3 quick and easy steps to start your trial.

1.  You don’t need to cancel your existing arrangement at this point – simply ask your current cleaners to take a holiday while you audit your cleaning arrangement.

2. Give us 2-4 weeks to clean for you and prove just how different we are, at no extra cost to you. We’ll evaluate the duties and time needed to maintain a professional standard of cleaning.

3. After the trial we’ll present you with performance measures for the ongoing cleanliness of your business. You will then know what you should expect from your cleaners and can now make an informed choice.

An effortlessly clean home is just a phone call away.... Starting Today!

Contact Info

 Phone: 0404 258 785